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A washing machine at Freshney Green: small actions making a big difference


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the importance of good hygiene has never been more prevalent – from washing our hands when we go and come back from our essential journeys to cleaning surfaces before and after we have touched them and washing our clothes.

As well as PPE, this has been crucial for healthcare workers on the front line, not only to protect themselves from the virus but also their patients, colleagues and families.

We were delighted to be able to help members of the team at our Freshney Green Primary Care Centre building in Grimsby with funds for a washing machine, so that they could launder clothes worn on site to reduce the worry of spreading the virus further or taking it home to their families.

Dr Nathalie Dukes from the Littlefield Surgery at the centre said: “Having the ability to wash the clothes used whilst seeing patients query COVID-19  at work and avoiding the need to take it home with us is very reassuring and just another way to help keep the stress levels down. Many thanks for sorting this simple but effective solution.”