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Assura Group in Launch of Social Stock Exchange


Healthcare property developer and investor Assura Group has joined the Social Stock Exchange, launched to investors this week. This new initiative groups together listed companies delivering a strong positive social and environmental impact.

Investors will be able to assess the social and environmental impact of its members, all of whom have committed, like Assura, to provide a transparent, measurable and comprehensive Annual Impact Report.

Graham Roberts, Chief Executive of Assura Group said: “We are excited to join as a member of the SSE. Many investors look for quality returns from companies that contribute strongly and positively to society and the environment. Our business is all about supporting health professionals deal with the huge challenges of providing health care in the 21st Century with ever-increasing demographic, social, technological, clinical and financial demands.”

Assura group specialises in providing modern medical centres facilitating the increase in health and care services provided in the community, improving patient experience and relieving pressure on acute and general hospitals.

Further details on the SSE can be accessed on