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Assura named Property Developer of the Year


Assura are delighted to have been named Property Developers of the Year at the Health Investor awards ceremony held earlier this week.

The judges selected Assura due to its leading role in development and investing in modern flexible, and much needed primary healthcare premises.

Assura’s submission showcased effectively their practical and innovative approach to healthcare development. In particular Assura’s acknowledgement that it provides a “one stop shop” and that “one size doesn’t fit all”. A compelling aspect was the emphasis on close partnership working with GPs, CCGs, the NHS, Local Health Boards and District Valuers to build modern, fit for purpose premises that deliver the best possible results for the staff and patients. Also its emphasis on building carbon neutral properties that protect the environment and offer sustainability solutions to meet the changing needs of modern healthcare.


2014 appears to have been a particularly successful year for the Assura development team, with six primary care centres completed in England and Wales, plus 50 major acquisitions that have been added to its wider portfolio and an acceleration in development activity for the business which reflects the long-term requirement for investment in new medical centres following the NHS reforms and the future plans under the 5YFV.