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We help baby loss charity secure vital tech for Warrington General


We’ve been working with charity Life After Loss to help Warrington General Hospital fund a state-of-the-art new fetal monitor – designed so that babies can be monitored more easily from an earlier stage. Ante-natal services manager Lisa Davis and bereavement midwife Debra Yates told us more:

“This monitor can detect a foetus from as early as 24-26 weeks, and with its impressive sensitivity levels it’s great for multiple births and patients with a higher BMI.

“Before now, our patients needing this sort of monitor would’ve had to wait for one from the labour ward. These aren’t in common use across the NHS and there’s definitely a need for more.

“Life After Loss supply all of our memory-making equipment for parents who’ve lost a baby, and I can refer parents to them for support beyond the NHS. They do one to one and group sessions so women can speak to other women going through the same issues. It’s great for getting families the help they need.”