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I need a new building: what are my options?


NHS capital: The NHS has allocated capital funding for a number of primary care building projects in this year’s budget, in certain STP areas. Your CCG may be able to flag local and regional public funding options, where they are available.

The Estates and Technology Transformation Fund: offers contributions to GP premises improvements as part of the Five Year Forward View. There is huge demand for this funding but success stories are emerging. You will need to fund a proportion of the cost yourselves – or find a third party developer to work with.

Self-fund: if you own your own premises, you could explore potential for a bank loan to create a new building and oversee the project yourself – taking the risks of development, finding a site, working with architects, getting planning permission, supervising the build and beyond. Not for the faint-hearted, but some GPs find it very rewarding!

Third party development: we can fund, design and build your new premises for you, taking all the risk of construction, securing a site and working as your long-term property partner. Our dedicated in-house team and specialist architects will look after you from start to finish, in conjunction with your CCG and NHS England to create the building that works for your practice.


Why third party development (3PD)?

• It’s tried and tested – the model GPs have used for decades.

• It’s quick – a build can sometimes be completed in as little as 12 months.

• It offers the best value for money over the lifetime costs of a development.

• You’re in control – but we do everything for you. We secure the site, get planning permission, navigate the legal processes with you, design and build your medical centre and look after it for the long-term as landlord. When we hand over the keys, you take full control of your space inside, managing your own maintenance and contractors.

• Leases are flexible – unlike PFI routes – with rent set independently, by the District Valuer. Your rent will be fully reimbursed by your CCG.

• You don’t have to inject any capital. Unlike PFI, you don’t bear the costs of finance or lifetime construction.

• It can also enable the sale of your existing surgery building, so that you can make your move to better premises or unlock capital for retirement, for example.