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Roger’s Top Tips for the Winter Season


Roger Thompson, our Senior Portfolio Manager for the South, offers his top tips on how to cope with the approaching Winter season.

As the temperature drops it will become likely that you will need to grit. Please remember to grit all hard standing areas to alleviate any risk or liability.
If there is a gritting contract in place, please be mindful of the parameters that are set for when the gritting shall occur, as particularly in Spring and Autumn temperatures may drop below freezing at night but may be well above freezing by the time people enter onto site.

It is important to keep energy levels at a minimum, these can be reduced by ensuring that lighting and heating are not in use in areas where they may not be required at certain times.

As the mornings and evenings are becoming darker, its essential to make sure that timers on all external lighting are set correctly to ensure safety for patients and staff when walking around the surroundings of the building.

If you are responsible for the external maintenance, now would be a great time to clean out the gutters to prevent leaks and other damage.

If you would like any further help preparing for the Winter season or have any questions relating to your tenancy, please contact us on 01925 420 660.