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“Ten reasons why we’re looking forward to our brand-new medical centre”


Patient participation groups, also known as PPGs, are at the heart of getting patient voices heard on healthcare buildings. Not only are members patients themselves, but it’s also their role to seek views from others, using their skills to find out what patients think and representing those views to the practice team.   

Pauline Clarke is chair of the PPG working with us on our development in Netherfield. This scheme will provide a new home for Trentside Medical Group, a practice which has outgrown its current premises. The brand-new building not far from the existing base will give staff and patients other clinical services under one roof.

Here’s what Pauline had to say about the brand-new building:

1. The building is a much bigger space with large comfortable designated areas for each medical service within one attractive, colourful building.

2. Privacy will be much improved for patients

3. There are comfortable facilities for medical staff, leading to less stress and more efficiency

4. Administration in a collective area upstairs will lead to better communication and cooperation

5. The staff will be much happier having more space

6. Good facilities for the children while they’re waiting for their appointment

7. Loop system for the hard of hearing – which is a must!

8. A pharmacy within the building

9. Attractive reception area facing towards the centre of Netherfield, keeping this valuable facility as an integral part of the community

10. Good car parking area