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We find there are many reasons to develop your surgery. You could be faced with negative equity or are needing to align with NHS strategy. You may have the desire to provide additional services or you could have simply out grown your current premises.

Whatever your situation may be, we can help. As one of the leading developers in the healthcare sector, we have the specialist expertise and financial strength necessary to fund and deliver any new development, enabling GP practices to expand and improve services.


Are your premises fit for purpose?

Are your premises unsuitable for modern healthcare needs and can they support a wider range of services? In many cases only purpose built new surgery premises can meet the demand for flexible and efficient space for a range of healthcare service delivery.

Have you recently merged with another practice?

Do you need to change the way you work having merged with another practice? We can help by designing a purpose built medical centre designed around your needs.

Do you need an extension to your existing premises?

If you are thinking of extending your premises we can assist with the design, build and financing of the project allowing you to concentrate on your day to day work.

Do you need more space?

Is your patient list size expanding and do you struggle to cope with increasing demands? A well planned new development can help you meet future needs and enable your practice to deliver services in an efficient and effective way.

Do you have CQC inspection coming up?

Are your premises at risk of non compliance with CQC requirements? In some cases only a new development can overcome fundamental problems with accessibility, capacity and infection control requirements.


Case studies

Blaneavon Primary Care & Community Centre

Blaneavon Primary Care & Community Centre

Tonmawr Road Blaenavon Pontypool NP4 9AW
New Health Centre in Blaenavon relocating the existing surgery and allowing for the addition of a new pharmacy colocated with the GP’s.
Alwoodley Medical Centre

Alwoodley Medical Centre

Saxon Mount, Leeds LS17 5DT
The medical centre is located in the suburb of Alwoodley, approximately 5 miles north of Leeds and provides new accommodation for the former Moorcroft and Nursery Lane surgeries.
Harlech Primary Care Centre

Harlech Primary Care Centre

Canolfan Lechyd Ardudwy Health Centre Ffordd y Morfa LL46 2US
A ‘Zero Carbon’ surgery development in Harlech, North Wales.
Sudbury Community Health Centre

Sudbury Community Health Centre

Church Field Road Sudbury Suffolk
This new intergrated community health centre brings together a range of community based services under one roof.
Victoria Park Medical Centre

Victoria Park Medical Centre

203 Victoria Park Road Leicester LE2 1XD
New health centre in Leicester, relocating a GP practice with space for an integrated pharmacy.

The Development Process



  • Engage Key stakeholders
  • Prepare business case submission
  • Engage consultants and design team
  • Identify and secure preferred development site


  • Undertake Ground Surveys
  • Commence construction and project management
  • Commission BREEAM assessment
  • Secure planning consent
  • Finalise legal documents
  • Obtain District Valuer/NHS approvals
  • Begin construction and commence project management
  • Reach practical completion and building occupation


Become an Assura tenant and benefit from:

  • Building aftercare and support from your Portfolio Manager
  • A Long-term partnership with us


Was Assura’s long term commitment to improving Primary Care an important factor when deciding to partner with us?

Meet our development team

Simon Gould
Head of Development
Andrew Cooper
Senior Development Manager
Ashley Seymour
Senior Development Manager
Jonathan Webb
Senior Development Manager
Paul Warwick
Senior Project Manager

West Hart Partnership

Specialising in healthcare property development and having a deep understanding of the healthcare market makes West Hart Partnership our natural choice when it comes to property development. Sharing our vision to improve the future of primary care properties through innovative design.

Why choose Assura?

An award winning developer

We are an award winning Primary Care Property Developer and were named Property Developer of the Year at the Health Investor Awards in 2018.


Experienced Team

Our Team as an excellent track record in delivering new premises from single GP practices to fully integrated health and social care centres.

Exit strategies from existing premises

If you have existing premises that you need to dispose of we can offer solutions.

Bespoke design solution

Our friendly, approachable team will design a bespoke building around your specific needs whilst ensuring full compliance with all NHS design guidance standards.

Long-term partner

As both a developer and long-term landlord we have a vested interest in delivering the highest quality buildings.


Development made simple…

Q: How much say do we have in the design?

A: Each building we provide is designed to meet the individual needs of the practice and we actively encourage detailed input and ideas from the practice to ensure that the end result meets the vision, needs and aspirations of the end occupiers and users. We also encourage site visits to some of our completed projects to help you consider what may or may not suit your practice, as well as the opportunity to talk to practices who have been through the process.

Q: How long does the development process take?

A: Depending on the size of the building, the construction process itself usually takes around twelve months. The majority of the hard work takes place prior to construction and we usually estimate an initial period of approximately eighteen months to undertake the NHS approval process, design, planning, site acquisition, legal negotiations etc. You can be assured that our team of professional consultants maintain a highly proactive and diligent approach to keep the project running as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Q: What do we get in return?

A: A secure property investment. Our return is based purely on the rental reimbursement agreed with the District Valuer and the security of the income. We invest solely in the health care sector and are wholly committed to the long-term future of the building.

Q: What happens if there are partnership changes?

A: We fully expect doctors to come and go during the life of the lease and all we ask is that there are always two GP partners named on the lease at any one time. We simply require notification of any changes to the partnership and outgoing partners are then released from lease obligations.

Q: What would happen to our existing premises?

A: We can provide you with an exit strategy from your existing building. We can offer to buy the building for an agreed sum, in order to remove any risk in disposing of the premises upon relocation. Alternatively we can provide property support and expertise to help you market and sell / lease the property yourselves

Q:What commitment do you need from us?

A:  We are confident in our approach and ability to achieve results, therefore we require no form of commitment until the terms of the lease are agreed, the rent is approved by the District Valuer/NHS and building work is ready to commence. Only then does the practice enter into a contract to enter into the agreed form of lease at completion.

Q: What form of lease are we required to take?

A: The terms of the lease are largely dictated by the District Valuer and the NHS and the lease term will usually be a minimum of 21 years, with differing maintenance and insurance obligations depending on the specific nature of the project. Naturally, your own solicitor will advise you during the lease negotiation process and protect your interest.

Q: What is the cost to the practice?

A: We absorb all the risk and costs associated with the site acquisition and development process, which includes all professional fees such as planning, ground investigation, architects and other consultants. We can also help provide funding solutions to any tenant specific costs such as legal fees and relocation costs, should reimbursement not be forthcoming from the relevant NHS body.

Q: What happens once the building is complete?

A: We are long-term investors, so you have continuity throughout the entire development process and throughout the life of the lease. We will help you manage the relocation process and provide a supportive aftercare service. The building contractor is retained for the first twelve months to rectify any minor defects that may arise; we then have our own asset management team who will arrange maintenance contracts as necessary and ensure you settle in as smoothly as possible.

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