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GP premises: the patient perspective


There’s a wealth of research on how the design of hospital buildings and interiors can help us feel better, cope with illness more positively and heal more quickly while we’re there. But there’s little evidence on these issues in primary care premises: how do primary care buildings and their design impact upon the patient experience? What do patients want to see in the primary care spaces of the future?

We’ve been supporting the national charity, the Patients Association, on their work to start building this evidence. Using a national survey of their members and focus groups around the country, they’ve been exploring some of the issues and opportunities which patients see.

Lack of space at reception desks, issues with access for disabled people and dated waiting rooms were some of the biggest problems highlighted. Four in ten respondents stated that their GP practice building was a poor environment that made them feel anxious or stressed. Looking to the future, patients various talked about with integrated services under one roof; improved access for disability, special needs and children; modernisation of décor and facilities (air quality, artwork, gardens, café); buildings being local and individual; premises having good parking and transport links, meeting local needs; spaces incorporating innovative individual ideas and technological advances.

Read the charity’s full report on their website.