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GP Recruitment Issues Resolved With Assura


With the recruitment crisis in general practice an ever-increasing threat, and GPs approaching retirement in such large numbers; the issue of premises ownership is one that is edging to the forefront and causing growing concern among owner-occupier GPs. With GPs now preferring more-flexible career paths, and being reluctant or unable to invest significant capital into business premises, a requirement to enter into a lease can be a far-more-attractive proposition for new partners than buying into the building.

‘My name is Ed and I am the senior partner of a two-man practice in South Staffordshire. We had just underwent the Sale and Leaseback process in April 2016. I must inform you that Assura has been very professional and highly efficient and reliable in the sale. They were able to assist us in our dealing with NHS England in obtaining their approval. Initially we were apprehensive in taking this major step but has been reassured by the help given by their legal and management team. Without the burden of major financial commitment, our new partners are able to join our practice with no hesitation. A very big thanks to Assura which is a credit to the industry.’
Dr Eddie F Lee, Featherstone Family Health Centre

If you are experiencing recruitment issues, speak to Assura to discuss our Sale and Leaseback option and how we can help you on 01925 420 660.