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When TV meets general practice: what’s it like to have the cameras in?


It’s become a TV staple and as ‘GPs: Behind Closed Doors’ meets the team using our Hall Green Surgery building in Birmingham this month, we take a look back at previous seasons of the show which gives us a behind-the-scenes look at life in primary care. 

Matrix – Birmingham Various sites Copyright – Richard Southall/Ilona Zielinska

Lewisham GP surgery

The first practice featured on screen was Lewisham GP surgery. On the show, Dr Chrisanthan Ferdinand – otherwise known as Dr Ferdy – treated a range of patients with different needsThe team later wrote for the British Journal of General Practice and local media about trying to bring over the range of the challenges they face

Balham Park Surgery

Hall Green isn’t the first Assura building to feature in the show – Balham Park Surgery was under the spotlights several years ago, with a big focus on supporting patients with mental health issues. The team talked about using the opportunity to watch and learn from their own ways of working.   

Farnham Road Surgery

In this series, the GPs wanted to encourage patients to be more health conscious – in a population with very mixed and complex health needs.   

Horfield Health Centre

Horfield Health Centre was filmed during the winter period of 2016. The show highlighted pressures of winter on GP surgeries.

The Ridge Medical Centre

The Ridge Medical Centre was on the last series of ‘GPs: Behind Closed Doors’. The practice has 23,000 patients with a diverse population. They were filmed from February 2018 to November 2018. The practice wanted to show that even in the modern world, it is  still a family-run practice. They also wanted to highlight the cost of missing appointments and how, as the NHS is under stress, people need to be more conscious of their appointments.