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Local school first to visit new medical centre


Pupils from Porthcawl Primary School were some of the first people to look around the new Porthcawl Medical Centre.

The building – which is funded by us and developed by LSP Developments Ltd – was visited by eleven of the school’s children who are all members of the school parliament.

The children were able to walk around the medical centre and ask the GPs, our head of development, Simon Gould and funders questions about the building. The building will accommodate two GP practices and serve more than 16,000 patients with community-based healthcare services and a pharmacy.

As well as being able to visit the new building, Porthcawl Primary School also buried a time capsule at the front which will be dug up in 30 years. The time capsule contained some of the children’s favourite toys including unicorns and slime, photos of the school, local restaurant menus, coins, stamps and school information such as class letters, prospectuses and fact sheets.

Jo Rowley, Headteacher at Porthcawl Primary said, “The children of Porthcawl Primary loved being involved in the new surgery project. They worked with the community to decide what should go into the time capsule. The children’s names are in the capsule, so they hope to be contacted when it is opened again in 2049! They felt really privileged to be amongst the first people to explore the surgery and were very impressed with the build. They loved receiving the gifts of free fruit and chocolate for the school and their own high vis jackets and hard hats to keep! They were also proud to be given a cheque for £1600 to improve the school. The children are so pleased to have been involved and feel a real part of the community. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.”