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South Yorkshire charity event wins grant funding


A South Yorkshire charity event has been highlighted by local GPs for its work to connect socially isolated and vulnerable patients.

GPs from Dovercourt Group Practice in Sheffield entered Skye Edge Patients Group for a Healthy Communities Grant from us.

Practices working in our 560 health buildings around the country were invited to put forward projects which make a difference to health for their patients. Skye Edge Patients Group used the funds on a Christmas social event for socially isolated and vulnerable patients late last year.

Dovercourt Group Practice said: “The event had other local support organisations such as AGE UK, community support workers, heath trainers, benefits advice and social care workers. Patients who came were lonely, elderly and socially isolated and we wanted to signpost them to other support services at what can often be a mentally upsetting time of the year.

“Signposting patients to these services will help to reduce social isolation and give patients access to future support to enhance their quality of life.”

Paul Wike from Skye Edge said: “Over 50 attendees came to the surgery for the Christmas event. We invited individuals who were living alone, had recently suffered a bereavement or struggled with social isolation. There was a buffet, games, a professional singer and a visit from Father Christmas.

“Patient representatives and staff gave up their time to help at the party and spend time with the patients. We had representatives from the local community trust and from Sheffield AGE UK and since the event, we have written to all the attendees asking if we can pass on their details to Age UK so they can offer ongoing support to further reduce any social isolation, offer lunch and exercise clubs and help with benefit claims to maximise income.”