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Space for pharmacy


How does your practice work with pharmacists? Do you have a pharmacy within your building? Have you brought a clinical pharmacist into your practice? Do you have a close relationship with community pharmacists in your area? Keen to do more?

In 2017, the pharmaceutical journal looked at progress on improving GP and community pharmacy relationships. In the same year, we looked at how surgery space can support co-location of pharmacists. Fast forward two years and pharmacists are a primary feature in the Long-Term Plan; ever-closer working between GP and pharmacy professionals underpins much of the work to ease pressure on general practice.


Our Ireland Wood Surgery building is one where GPs operate on a Pharmacy First service which makes it quicker and easier for patients to get treatment, leaving the more complicated cases for GPs. As pharmacies operate on the weekends, it also means patients can get out of hours care, leaving out of hours GP appointments for those that need them most. Pharmacists at the site can be the first port of call for everything from coughs, colds and earaches to sprains, strains and fever.

It is estimated that each year 57 visits to the GP are made for common ailments – which would get the same treatment if the patient had visited a pharmacy.