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Assura Group Completes Newcastle Development


Healthcare property developer and investor Assura Group has completed its most recent project, a purpose-built primary healthcare centre in Chapel House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The new 1500 sq ft. medical centre, delivered in partnership with estates solutions provider Ashley House, is located on the site of the old clinic and church hall. It will replace the former Parkway and Holmside surgeries in Frenton Close.

The integrated medical centre includes primary care, a pharmacy and additional self-contained rooms for separate healthcare providers. The combination of different facilities and practices has created a convenient one-stop shop for the local community, and will deliver an enhanced standard of primary care.

Amanda Roddy, development manager at Assura Group, said: “We are proud to have been associated with the development of Chapel House medical centre, as the premises will prove indispensible for the local area. In a challenging period, it is important that centres for the NHS such as Chapel House provide preventative care that effectively reduces pressure on staff at every level of the health service.”

Michael Foster, practice manager, Holmside Medical Group, Newcastle PCT, said: “This project was in the pipeline for a long time, so it has given everyone involved a great feeling of satisfaction to see our plans for the surgery finally realised. We are thrilled with the new medical centre, and look forward to watching our staff and patients enjoying its benefits for years to come.”

Gail Mosley, director of Ashley House, said: “The long-awaited development of this combined medical centre is a significant addition for the area. Now housing two GP surgeries and a pharmacy, Chapel House is capable of providing streamlined services and efficient primary care with its up-to-date integrated facilities.”