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“I’m so happy that they’ve moved and got a space which is suitable for everyone”


The most important thing about our buildings is how they work for the patients who use them. Fertility blogger Katy, who runs Facebook and Instagram communities for anyone going through IVF, writes about her experiences of the new space for Shropshire and Mid-Wales Fertility Clinic in Shrewsbury:   

It’s amazing how big the space is now – and I no longer dread having to go for blood tests: I used to park up at the old site and have to walk past maternity, where you could bet there would be a new mum coming out showing off her scan.

“My last frozen embryo transfer took place in the new building and how amazing it was: patients no longer need to walk through the recovery room where other ladies would be after egg collection, and the procedure room can now fit in more nurses with a lot more space – the atmosphere just seemed a lot more relaxed.

“The team did an amazing job within their old building but I’m so happy that they’ve moved and got a space which is suitable for everyone. The new surroundings are lovely and bright – even the sample room for the men is so much better as you can no longer hear people walking past, which must have been a little off-putting!

The staff at the clinic have always been amazing. And even though they’re in a new building, one thing will never change: they always have smiles on their faces and are always on hand to give you a hug if you need it.

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