We can help you to release the equity tied up in your premises, resolve any worries you have about partner succession and eliminate any issues relating to property ownership. A Sale and Leaseback arrangement with us allows GPs to remain in their current premises but without the risks and responsibilities of property ownership.

As a long-term investor in the primary care property sector, we can purchase your premises and simultaneously grant you a lease of the property, allowing you to free up capital whilst retaining full occupation and use of the premises. We will handle your premises requirements and deliver excellent asset management, via our in-house Portfolio Management team. Our Sale and Leaseback opportunity has many benefits; why not speak to one our investment managers and discuss the option of selling your surgery.



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Do you want to release equity tied up in your premises?

You may wish to release the equity for a number of reasons. We have the financial grounding to purchase the premises from you and simultaneously grant a lease to the partners.

Is your partner retiring?

Succession issues are common with many newly qualified GPs being reluctant or unable to invest in the premises. A Sale and Leaseback with us can overcome this barrier.

Do you want to eliminate any issues relating to property ownership?

Property management can consume many hours of your busy day. Our team of dedicated Portfolio Managers can relieve these issues from you allowing you more time to focus on your patients.

Is CQC compliance relevant to you and do you need help meeting the standards?

CQC compliance not only looks at the day to day running of a practice but also the safety of the facilities. We can advise and assist with improvements that will help to bring your premises up to compliance standards.

Why choose a Sale & Leaseback arrangement and what are the benefits?

Your GP practice will continue to operate as normal. As your landlord we do not have any control or involvement in the day to day running of your practice.

Why choose a Sale & Leaseback arrangement and what are the benefits?

The worry of recruiting new partners is eliminated as they will no longer need to buy into the practice.

Why choose a Sale & Leaseback arrangement and what are the benefits?

Your property management needs, subject to terms, are dealt with in house and you will be supported by your own portfolio manager.

Why choose a Sale & Leaseback arrangement and what are the benefits?

The issues of property ownership are eliminated, leaving you with more time with your patients.

Why choose a Sale & Leaseback arrangement and what are the benefits?

Concerns of selling your share of the practice when retiring are taken away, making retirement hassle free.

Why choose a Sale & Leaseback arrangement and what are the benefits?

You will be able to release the capital that is tied up in your premises, allowing you the opportunity to provide additional services or even fund the opening of a branch surgery.

Why choose a Sale & Leaseback arrangement and what are the benefits?

Follow our step by step guide through the Sale and Leaseback process…


Step one

Approach us to obtain an offer. This will be based on the current market value of the property.

Step two

Accept offer and agree terms to suit you.

Step three

Instruct solicitors to draft sale contract and new lease.

Step four

Obtain NHS consent for new lease, where applicable.

Step five

Completion of acquisition and start long-term partnership with us.

Meet our investment team

Alexander Taylor
Senior Investment Manager
Amanda Roddy
Investment Manager
George Coulson Assura
George Coulson
Investment Manager
Patrick Lowther
Head of Investment
Assura - Adam Lowe
Adam Lowe
Business Development Manager

We asked Dr Tina Merry at Frome Medical Practice…

"Why did you select Assura as your property partner?"


“As we have recently completed the sale and leaseback of our surgery and attached pharmacy to Assura I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and support through, what turned out to be, a long drawn out process. Thank you for visiting us and answering all our questions and concerns. We, as a practice, look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Assura. I would not hesitate to recommend Assura and would encourage GPs to consider the advantages of sale and leaseback and as a possible solution to succession issues.”
Bro Pedr Medical Group
“The Assura team has worked closely with the builders to make this a reality. Together, they’ve carried out a phenomenal remodelling – literally moving the walls of the building out in every direction, while service as usual for our patients continued on site. We now have the space and functionality to take us into the next stages of primary care, and provide our patients with a whole range of new services closer to home.”
Dr Nick Pulman
Long Lane Surgery
“I have recently completed a sale and leaseback of my surgery and pharmacy to Assura. Amanda has been very professional and patient throughout the process which has released me from the hassle and responsibility of surgery ownership. I would not hesitate to recommend Assura and would encourage every GP to consider the advantages of a sale and leaseback”
Rolf Major
Bodowen Surgery
“We have been working with Assura now for 10 years and in that time, they have consistently met our demands to a very high standard, they are very reactive to our urgent problems and deal with our issues in a timely manner.”
Ange Rogerts
Dene Drive Primary Care Centre
"Our new Medical Centre is incredible, thank you so much, we are so grateful. The feedback has been so positive and staff and patients absolutely love it. Thank you. "
Kirsty Whawell
Kibworth Medical Centre

Why choose Assura?

An award winning Investor

We are an award winning Primary Care Property Investor and were named Property Investor of the Year at the Health Investor Awards in 2016. We are delighted to be finalist in the Health Investor Awards 2018.


Experienced Team

Since we started in 2003, we have established ourselves as a market leader in primary care premises and with a growing portfolio of over 525 healthcare properties, we have the depth of knowledge and expertise to meet your aspirations and vision.


We are fully listed on the London Stock Exchange and have solid financial backing. This gives our NHS partners the comfort that we are a safe and secure partner.


We aim to create long-term, lasting and fulfilling relationships with our occupiers and are dedicated to meeting your premises requirements in the immediate and long-term.


We pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions to meet the user’s requirements; no two transactions are the same.


We believe patients and health professionals deserve modern primary care premises from which they can receive and provide high quality care.


Our proven track record has been recognised by the leading Healthcare Publication Health Investor, as we have won Investor of the Year 4 times over the last 7 years.


Sale and Leaseback made simple…

Q: How does Sale and Leaseback work?

A: The sale and leaseback process itself is extremely straightforward. We would make you an offer to buy your premises based on the market value of the property, capitalising the notional rent and any other income (such as pharmacy) over a term of years. Upon acquistion, a lease is then simultaneously granted back to the Partners allowing continued exclusive use and rights over the premises. As the landlord we do not have any control or involvement in the day to day running of your practice.

Q: What happens if my premises become unfit for occupation?

A: As a long-term investor, we would look to work with you throughout the term of the lease and support any need or aspiration to improve, extend or redevelop the premises. As a healthcare developer as well as investor, we have the capital resources to fund any new build and should the Practice aspire to a brand new development, the Partners would be entitled to terminate the lease and walk away from the old premises upon relocation to one of our new developments.

Q: What will the rent be?

A: Your rent would be current market rent as agreed by the District Valuer. The rent is reviewed at 3 year intervals upon agreement with the District Valuer.

Q: What approvals do I need?

A: A new lease will need prior approval by NHS England and we will support you through this process.

Q: Will I be required to carry out repairs?

A: Repairing terms will be subject to agreement between the parties, however it is usual for Practices to retain responsibility for repairs and maintenance, in which case there is simply a general obligation to keep the premises in good repair.

Q: What is the cost to the practice?

A: We ask that each party remain responsible for their own legal fees, which is the main cost implication to the Practice, although any outstanding mortgages or redemption penalties should also be considered. The lease may be subject to Stamp Duty Land Tax payable by the Tenant, however exemptions often apply in relation to Sale and Leaseback transactions and we would help explore this with you. The cost of any formal valuations and surveys would be borne by us.

Q: What happens if I want to retire from the practice?

A: Outgoing partners are released from lease liabilities without the need for Landlord’s consent. We simply require two GP Partners to be named upon the lease at any one time; these names can change as freely as you wish.

Q: What form of lease are we required to take?

A: Typically, we would grant a lease for a period of 21 years although we are flexible and can consider longer leases depending on the circumstances. The exact terms would be agreed between the parties including the District Valuer at the outset and your own solicitor would of course provide legal advice in this regard.

Q: What happens at the end of my lease?

A: The lease will be contracted into the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, meaning that you as tenant have a statutory right to renew the lease and remain in occupation at the end of the initial term.

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