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South Yorkshire allotment scheme wins a share of our grant funding


A South Yorkshire scheme to help patients improve their mood and wellbeing by spending time outdoors has won a share of our grant funding.

GPs from our Dovercourt Surgery in Sheffield submitted the gardening project for one of our Healthy Communities Grants. The community allotment works with people in Sheffield helping them to spend more time outdoors with others in a gentle and nonthreatening environment, tending to vegetable beds, gaining pleasure from seeing plants grow and then eating what they grow.

Dovercourt Surgery said: “Our practice is in the most deprived ward in Sheffield and amongst the most deprived nationally. Our community has a high incidence of mental health problems, early onset of long-term conditions and social isolation.

“Less healthy lifestyles and reliance on foodbanks can mean many people don’t have access to fresh produce – but gardening and growing food in a group has been shown to have a beneficial effect on all these issues.”

Jo from Healey City Farm said: “The garden project is beneficial in so many ways; it gives patients the opportunity to be more physically active, meet new people and build friendships, spend more time outside and work positively together on a shared communal space.

“It provides a safe and positive space for volunteers to get some relief from their stresses and worries. It is often noticeable that people are chattier and more positive by the end of a session. It also helps that you are rewarded with fresh vegetables to take home.”